Well, since my first comment sat in Moderation–some thoughts

“Modesty is for people of modest talent.”–a former editor

not to be confused with…

“Reality is for people who can’t handle drugs.”–a former acquaintance.

“The rule ‘Dress for Success‘ is only applicable if your talents alone are an insufficient recommendation” — Steamboat McGoo

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7 Responses to Well, since my first comment sat in Moderation–some thoughts

  1. C Monster says:

    As it contains two pearls, I submit it is under the legal limit. Judges?

  2. It’s a win.

    I added a morsel. Hope you don’t mind. It is actually a policy I had for most of my career – both as an interviewer, and an interviewee. I seems to have worked.

    BTW: how can we change or improve this format so its easily readable by… er, um … readers.

    Do we want each nugget (we need a “proper” singular and collective term for these words of wisdom.) in a separate post? Or one page per day – started by whomever gets there first, and updated by all? Or what?

  3. C Monster says:

    You addition is spectacular

    Well, I do have that list of collective Cthuhlu nouns…but I digress.
    I think perhaps the single post with additions is the way to go, but let us hear from our fellow wordsmiths.

  4. Lemur King says:

    Nuggets is kind of owned by McDonalds.

    How about “Nuglets”?

    I’m kind of a tack it on and keep going kind of fella – one page allocated per day starts to seem like work after a while. We want this to be hands-free for the most part other than a tune-up now and then. You know – facelift, addition of pages/categories if a clear candidate shows up (perhaps O’Bugger-bashing page???).

    Unless the page-per-day thing can be automated?

    I don’t mind setting the site up and tuning it but I don’t want to be married to it.

    Also, if it isn’t abused too much, is 50 words or less ok?

  5. Lemur King says:



  6. Lemur King says:

    test of the idiot’s broadcasting system…

  7. How about “Nuglets”?

    How about “Droppings”? 😀

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