In Keeping With The Awesome New Title: QOTY

“I’ve licked more biscuit gravy than Ellen Degenerate could ever hope to in a lifetime of trolling Lilith Fair fish markets.” — BC, Imperial Torturer, at SOYLENT GREEN today.

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13 Responses to In Keeping With The Awesome New Title: QOTY

  1. Lemur King says:

    Oh goody, you liked the title.

  2. Now that’s a quote, CM!

    Yep, LK, the title struck my fancy.

    Maybe that should be a feature of the blog; the title changes randomly. I think the sub-text over on the right needs to change from time to time, too. But the two shouldn’t be related…

    Other blog styles have different stuff up there, too.

    We need LC to get a WP blog so she can post, and get Enas involved…!

  3. Lemur King says:

    I don’t know about title changes – moving the brand-name around in a nomadic fashion is too much (to me) ambiguity. Think of a rave – unless you’re really into that scene, you might not want to take the effort to track down where the next one will be.

    • The link ( stays the same. The name doesn’t come into it, LK!

      • Lemur King says:

        Sure, but say I’m not paying attention – if one day I got “Tacky Raccoons” and the next day “Nazi Surf Kittens Must Die” and then later “Great Green Gobs of Ginormous Golem Snot”… wouldn’t it be confusing?

        Just askin’.

        If I do a google search for “Aardvarks and Asshats” then it will always take me there. But what if I learn about the blog while it’s titled “A Pastiche of Mezzotint in Spumoni-Flavored Gazebos”?

  4. C Monster says:

    I like your title, LK. Although some might consider our musings Golem Snot–but, as it is not yet for public consumption I wouldn’t sweat it.

  5. Actually, if you learn about the blog while its named “A Pastiche of Mezzotint in Spumoni-Flavored Gazebos” and do a google search on it – it’ll still come up with the same link address.

    But I see your point, and I was kinda jokin’ about changing the blog name every once in a while anyway (like I do my banner subtitle at A&A). Its just an option….

    We can do Golem-snot…I’m ok with that!

  6. Hey, CM! Are you glad to get comment-editing privileges back? 🙂

  7. C Monster says:

    Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.

    Even though this comment box has the idiot’s html lesson on the bottom.

  8. Enas Yorl says:

    *Strolls in fashionably late*

    Howdy guys! Nice party you got going here. *Snags cocktail & handful of cheese cubes*
    So, where are the girls at?

    • LK Aggie Sith is supposed to be here, but she can’t post yet. We’re not sure why. I think she has to have a WP blog registered.

      Enas! Post something – anything! Just “Test” in the title and in the text would do!

      Just give us a sign you can…

  9. Enas Yorl says:

    Done! A bit longer than 25 words though. I tried to find a shorter one, but couldn’t real quick.

  10. Gah…. golem snot biscuits… 🙂

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