Missouri Wisdom

“First getting shot, then getting married – bad habits.” — David Carradine as Cole Younger in The Long Riders

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9 Responses to Missouri Wisdom

  1. Good flick!

    That’s what I shall watch tonight! Thank you.

  2. Lemur King says:

    “Shot, married, autoerotic asphyxiation – bad to worst habits.” – Carradine as channeled by Lemur King.

  3. C Monster – it was on again – via ye olde laserdisc.

    It was good, just like before!

    LK – I was thinking auto-erotic asphyxiation throughout the whole movie.

    Poor closetchokerwanker – what a way to go…and so embarrassing.

  4. Lemur King says:

    “On being found naked and strangled to death in his hotel room closet, predictably Carradine had no comment”

    How embarrassed can you be if you’re dead?

    • Well…true, Aggie LK. But surely he considered that when he was indulging in his auto-chokiness strangeness?

      Long, long ago, I dated a lady (PhD in physics, no less!) who was into pain as part of sex. I learned more from her than I really wanted to know about the psychology of sado-masochismic behavior. Those folks have a subtly altered worldview about everything – not just painful sex.

      I also learned that I am definitely NOT into pain. To me – whether its “doing” or “being done unto” – pain is a real wiener-shrinker.

  5. Lemur King says:

    McGoo, you have mistaken me for Aggie – is that because of my really strong feminine side?

    There are whole branches of study just to make sense of people who are broken in just that way, McGoo. Everyone is broken in some way but there sure are some interesting outliers. And by “interesting” I mean the gamut from “interesting” to “Oh-my-fucking-GOD”. But you know that.

    • I’ve done that very thing before, haven’t I, LK? I don’t know, for some reason I stared right at your initials and read LC Aggie Sith.

      Maybe I’ll be beaten to a pulp soon, and like it.

      There are some interesting twisted folk out there. That is for sure and certain.

      I’ve known one or two other odd ladies myself…but those are for another time.

      Ya know – it was as I (and the ladies) got older (late thirty’s to early forties) and as I moved West that the ladies got odder. There might be something to that…

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