More on Wisdom

When a wise man does not understand, he says: “I do not understand.” The fool and the uncultured are ashamed of their ignorance. They remain silent when a question could bring them wisdom.  –  Frank Herbert, The Godmakers


That is one of the Law’s purposes, of course: to test the qualities of those who choose to employ it.  – Herbert’s character, Gowachin Legum Aritch, speaking to Jorj X. McKie, the only human Legum to the Gowachin Bar

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5 Responses to More on Wisdom

  1. Enas Yorl says:

    Nice! I can tell we’re gonna get a lot of Frank Herbert stuff in here. I guess that brings up a question about attribution. Eh, nevermind. We’ll just do it the way you did L.K.

  2. Enas – we’re just tryin’ stuff out here. How do you think attribution should be done?

    And – should there be an index or sumpin? How? Do each of add to it as we contribute?

    Only the Shadow knows….

  3. Lemur King says:

    I think that whatever you do, you put the source in your tags, that way if you have a tag cloud on the sidebar the most prolific occurrences will show up.

  4. Enas Yorl says:

    Yah, the way you did it was cool LK. Authors should get a category, with the characters and books in the tags.

  5. I guess I need to be taking notes for a “site posting practices & standards” or sumpin.

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