Quote For the Day

F*ck.  Me. – Lemur King

I’m not blowing off the Reincarnation of NSKMD, I’m just armpit deep in code changes at the last minute.

I’m not a computer scientist but the one I’m working with kind of expects me to turn out quality code as fast as he does, which is both flattering and bone-crushing at the same time.

Well, ok yeah, I’m blowing it off, but only for now.  Because I ain’t got no choice.

About Lemur King

A Lemur with grandiose ideas running freely with utter trash, weak derivative nonsense one would do well to avoid.
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2 Responses to Quote For the Day

  1. Don’t worry about NSKMD, LK. Its strictly supposed to be for fun. No obligations here, no claims on your time, and no “requirements” to post or contribute …

    Sucks about work, though…

    I hated coding. I loved it the first few years of my career – Fortran analysis and modeling , ya know – then burned out. Had to learn & use new languages over time, and hated it every step of the way.

  2. Lemur King says:

    It’s actually been kind of fun except for where you are having to use someone else’s shitty API (shitty documentation) and you cannot, no matter how hard you try, identify why a simple call for an object (let’s just use a hypothetical 4×4 matrix for an model’s rotation/translation) returns nothing but bullshit when called from some places and good answers when called from other places.

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