WordPress Wisdom

21 Days after McGoo invites me to post wisdom here I get this…


You’ve been invited to Nazi Surf Kittens Must Die at https://nskmd.wordpress.com as an contributor.

If you don’t care, just ignore this email.  🙂


Isn’t that special. Now, when  I go to the My Blogs menu, NSKMD shows up twice.  Strange place, this hyperverse.

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13 Responses to WordPress Wisdom

  1. Lemur King says:

    Ah, but wordwis is under McGoo’s wing, and he did not want to be admin. I said I’d do it but there’s no way that I know of to transfer it. It was my impression that wordwis.wordpress.com was a test vehicle and temporary to iron out wrinkles.

    nskmd.wordpress.com matches the blog title a bit better – sort of like XKCD only way radically different.

    My guess is that everyone should take note of their great quotes so far and repost them on NSKMD, to prime the pump and them pimp the shit out of it on their other blogs.

    Or do you think this is total bullshit and want to bail?

    • LK – I can probably “export” the “wisdom” test blog and then pass it on to you and you could “import” it. Or I could do a backup and email the resulting file to you.

      Wanna experiment?

  2. Lemur King says:

    Got right sick of two NSKMD titles right quick, didn’t you? 🙂

    I’m way cool with that. Going by the order of the entry is fine and all but you’re right – still confusing.


    Hmm. Still shows as NSKMD. Odd. Peculiar. Strange, even.

  3. I posted a new “wisdom” thing at the first site – hoping WP will notice the bnew activity and update the blog title. It should. I changed the A&A title from A&A to “A&A – the snarking” by accident, kinda. I originally put it up as a joke, but when it started showing up on Google that way I decided to leave it.

  4. I got an e-mail:


    You’ve been invited to Nazi Surf Kittens Must Die at https://nskmd.wordpress.com as an contributor.

    If you don’t care, just ignore this email. 🙂


    Guys, just how the fuck do I contribute? I tried signing up at WP as I told McGoo, though haven’t tried another e-mail or name. AG made me a full admin at his blog, so would that make a difference here? And where the fuck does WP get off using “Howdy”??? That’s my line!

  5. Lemur King says:

    Wow, I’m not getting what I’d call a lot of warmfuzzies and good vibes since launching NSKMD last night. Does everyone want to just bag it?

    • No, I’m just frustrated that I can’t get to post. I’m not savvy at this, LK. AG’s blog is WP and I am an admin there, but shit if I know how to be a contributor here.

      • Looks like LK got the “administrator” thing fixed, Aggie. You should be able to click on “new post” and build a new post and then post it.

        LK – I took the liberty of shoving a “recent comments” thingy in there: I was getting confused as to where various comments were.

        I also did NOT mod the comments dashboard so that I (as an administrator) no longer get sent a email copy of every blessed comment! I hate that! But if I turn it off, you-all might miss it and get pissed. Do you use it? I have never done so…

        I’m thinking that if you made me an “editor” I would lose that “inform of new comment” privilege. And I won’t be messing with the blog format anymore.

  6. BTW: Aggie – you should get a new thing from WP about the old blog: you should be an editor there now and be able to post.

  7. Well, it’s only taken me a few hours to notice that all the imported wisdom from the old blog was attributed to me alone rather than the various contributors.


    How to fix it?

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