Welcome to NSKMD!

A blog that celebrates words – an attempt to capture amazing things heard from individuals on certain blogs, good quotes, bucolic observations, insightful insights, snapshots of idiocy, sketches of lunacy, and fanciful phrases for the sheer hell of it.

You won’t see many graphics here.  Pictures are worth a thousand words but at most you’ll see stuff around 50 words or less.  Think of the contributors as having short attention spans and lives to live in addition to a love of language.

We’ll try to:

  • Keep it clean (PG-13 rating)
  • Keep it short
  • Keep it uncluttered
  • Keep it attributed wherever humanly possible

#1 I see being very do-able.  The others are like Michigan road signs and the lines on those roads – merely suggestions.  Subject to change by the users at any given moment.

Note:  We have no connection to Nazis or killing of surf kittens.  The blog title is merely a reflection of the spirit of this thing as originally conceived.

About Lemur King

A Lemur with grandiose ideas running freely with utter trash, weak derivative nonsense one would do well to avoid.
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