Motivational Wisdom

I really ought to get off my ass and do something today.

-Enas Yorl

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7 Responses to Motivational Wisdom

  1. I did get off my ass and do something productive yesterday. Went to a six hour scrapbooking class, came home and did laundry, dinner, get kids squared away for first day of school, finish two albums and several cards, and then bed 🙂

  2. Enas Yorl says:

    Good Lord Aggie! I’m tired from just reading that.

  3. Damn!

    Aggie, that reads like an entire weeks work for me when I was in my prime!

    I’m so ashamed …

    I just spent a few leisurely hours down at my cousins convenience store, taste-testing their fountain drinks, eating lunch, snacking on a half a pizza (which I blame on Enas!) and then celebrating the resumption of McGoo digestive efforts with a purely medicinal BLT sandwich.

    My blood sugar just measured out at 335. No wonder I’m seeing sounds and tasting colors. Everything is all softlike and wheeee! right now.

    Oh! And the Snickers Almond bar. I kinda forgot that. Ya see, it was just laying there in the box, all alone….and it called to me so plaintively….

  4. Enas Yorl says:

    Holy cow McGoo! When you go off the carbohydrate wagon you don’t go in for half-measures do you? Please tell me you don’t do this sort of thing very often.

  5. “I don’t do this often.”

    Happy, now? 🙂

    Enas, since me and tobacco parted company three years ago, I have had an almost continuous craving for carbs. I try, try, try to stay away from them – but occasionally the dam breaks and I wreck another few layers of nervous system wiring and another internal organ or two.

    I never realized until I went diabetic just how much I loved carbs.

    I’ve actually done a pro-con trade-off list as to whether I should just give in and succumb to “death by carbohydrate” or take up smoking again and hope that (like every other time I’ve resumed smoking in the past) I lose massive amounts of weight.

    When I smoke, I pretty much don’t eat.

  6. Enas Yorl says:

    Hmm. Tough call McGoo (rockmcgoohardplace). Have you talked to the doctor about this?

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