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I Is Tryin’ T’ Change, Massuh!

“If people concerned themselves with where eggs came from, they never would have eaten them!” – Avery Schreiber, as Captain Cornelius Butt, in Dark Star –

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As John Wayne said,” …

“Life’s tough. It’s tougher if you’re stupid.” – John Wayne –

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From Space…probably.

“I feel more like I do now than I did when I got here.” – Unknown –

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Basque Wisdom by Trevanian

“I am perfectly capable of being happy with what I have. The problem is in getting enough of it in the first place!” – Le Cagot in ‘Shibumi’ – It is possible that idiots know things that others do not, … Continue reading

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“Assholey cats are the best. Nobody want a cat that’s a pussy. – MCPO Airdale –

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Ah-Ha! These Were The Droids You Were Looking For!

OK – looks like the old site stuff imported! Woot. UPDATE: Below is the stuff imported from the old deleted site. Unfortunately, the import function attributed all the posts to me. I’m pulling all of the ones I “really” posted … Continue reading

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Code Warrior

Power corrupts.  Absolute power absolutely corrupts operating systems.  – anonymous software writer

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