Wicca Wisdom

“You can never have too many pictures of airplanes on your blog.”

– Wiccapundit, at Curtal Friars

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6 Responses to Wicca Wisdom

  1. Cool site here……got room for another occasional contributor?

    • Lemur King says:

      Yessir. I am flaky as hell in e:mail and blogging lately. Cruel Wife started a new job and life is upside down. I’m saying “I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner.”

      Welcome aboard!

  2. Cruel Wife says:

    That’s me. The source of all things wrong in Lemur King’s life. ;)-

  3. I used to love going to the failure analysis folks! They always had such neat blown-up things laying around!

    They – on the other hand – used to claim that “McGoo could break an anvil.” They did not mean it as a compliment. But that never dampened my enthusiasm for the FA folks!

    Design engineering – especially in power/high-energy electronics – is a contact sport. If you’re not blowing things up, you’re not pushing the technology.

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