Levantine Wisdom

“There is a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased that line.” — Oscar Levant


Writer, actor & musician, though I haven't be paid for the latter two in several years, hailing from the land of the Whiskey Rebellion--where these days the government has a monopoly on the sale of alcohol yet manages to lose money every year. That's all the education anyone should need on Liberalism.
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7 Responses to Levantine Wisdom

  1. Would it be too much to ask to have a bit of both?
    Genius will pay the bills, and insanity can be a swell excuse for having lots of fun.

  2. Lemur King says:

    Genius guarantees some insanity. Insanity guarantees nothing.


  3. Yeah…and isn’t there some torment in there, too?

    I mean, you always read something to the effect that, “…his soul tormented, he continued working on his magnum opus mathematical theorem while freezing to death from self-neglect!”

    I think a well-balanced human need all three – genius, insanity, and some good ol’ classic torment to keep them … um …well …. wait …..

  4. nursemyra says:

    there is no line at the Gimcrack

  5. How about peril, myra?

    Can I get just a little peril?

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