OK, moving right along…

“My goodness, ‘Goo. Do you realize that sometimes you post images that might be considered NSFW?”

– Lemur King upon noticing that some A&A images might be considered NSFW

About Lemur King

A Lemur with grandiose ideas running freely with utter trash, weak derivative nonsense one would do well to avoid.
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7 Responses to OK, moving right along…

  1. Lemur King says:

    A few notes… one, this should not have been a surprise since I’d been frequenting A&A for some time. Two, I had just opened up that posting while at work and actually stared at the tooth gal’s painted-on outfit for about 30 seconds before it percolated into my brain what I was seeing.

  2. That was good imagery, LK! The hip waders, I mean.

    Here’s the image that immediately popped into my noggin: Me, wading in the dark through a memory-landfill with memory-trash and memory-garbage mounded up on all sides. I can see with my flashlight to the left in the distance is the Youth & Upbringing pile, and nearer (and still glistening in the dark) is the College & Education mountain. To the right – dark and forbidding – is the 20 Years At TI range of crags and cliffs, and then the string of Where I’ve Lived foothills. At my feet and all around are the Clients Rubble Mess.

    That’s what your six words evoked.

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