We Have Wood!

“If I were grading them I’d probably give them a… D?”

Woody, on the Democrats new logo –

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7 Responses to We Have Wood!

  1. I love Woody’s toilet tank take on the Dems’ new logo, too 🙂

  2. Yep! His post and my comment over there was what stimulated me to do the first-cut bio-hazard thingy.

    So its all his fault! 🙂

  3. C Monster says:

    Woody is a…wait for it…sage! 😀

  4. Yep. The template’s easy…

    Actually, I’m watching for that special one-in-a-shitload comment from him and several other Moronosphere bloggers who are known for profound utterances.

    The tough one is Ace. Every once in a while he spouts something that is so truly, stunningly magnificent, it just floors ya. I still sometimes go over there to try to find his utterly foul-beyond-belief interpretation of the poem Ozymandias. It had me literally on the floor, cramped up, and laughing hysterically. I am not exaggerating. I thought I was in physical difficulty – couldn’t breath – for several seconds.

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