“Ruh-roh!” –Ā  Scooby Doo in, like, at least every episode.

About Lemur King

A Lemur with grandiose ideas running freely with utter trash, weak derivative nonsense one would do well to avoid.
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11 Responses to Succinctitude.

  1. Dang it, sorry for burying your post, LK. I saw Veeshir’s at doubleplusundead and had to do it šŸ˜‰

  2. Lemur King says:

    Uh, what did you bury???

    Ya lost me, Aggie. Apparently I’m not upset by dint of the fact that I’m clueless. šŸ™‚

  3. Apparently Iā€™m not upset by dint of the fact that Iā€™m clueless. šŸ™‚

    That’s Wisdom-worthy, LK!

    • Lemur King says:

      Best you post it then, lest I look like the arrogant ass I am.

      I must hide some of my secrets, even if in plain sight. Leave me my little self-delusions. Sometimes crap like that will keep you afloat.

  4. Naah. I’m gonna set a custom or habit for me – call it McGoo’s Observation – that “It can’t be Wisdom unless its in public, because anyone can be a genius in private!”

    Now I’m not completely sure I understand what all that means, but you can be sure it could very well mean what I meant it to say.

    • Lemur King says:

      Aha! But is this private or not?

      If it was private I could safely talk about my bedwetting issues.

      Public… well, oops.

      Nothing is private anymore.

    • C Monster says:

      On a related note…I was going to post this on it’s own–it’s one of my favorites.

      Semantic Wisdom:
      “If you don’t say what you mean. People will think you don’t mean what you say.” — Peter O’Toole, in The Last Emperor.

  5. I read that on Drudge! That the fed has recently decided that in public one can have no expectation of privacy.

    For some reason I take that to mean I have to stop mooning people. Odd, that …

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