Well Placed.

And let this always weight your feet down with lead, and make you go slowly, like a tired man, approaching the yes or no you do not grasp, since he is truly down there among the fools, who affirms or denies without distinguishing between cases, so that it often happens that a quick opinion leans to the wrong side, and then Pride entangles the intellect. – Dante, Paradiso – Canto XIII

Note:  I trudge with the fools, and often… but I guess that states the obvious. – LK

About Lemur King

A Lemur with grandiose ideas running freely with utter trash, weak derivative nonsense one would do well to avoid.
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4 Responses to Well Placed.

  1. Aww – there’s something to be said for the assertion that regularly making snap judgments or jumping to wrong conclusions is – if nothing else – good intellectual exercise! It trains one to be prepared to back out of an abysmal position gracefully, and it teaches humility when one’s nose is vigorously and regularly rubbed in ones mistake(s)!
    …and I say that with the humility only one with decades of experience at being wrong can muster.

  2. Lemur King says:

    I speak as one who has had many courses of treatment for athlete’s tongue.

  3. One of my faves… I had this on my locker in my senior year. Only my principal knew why 🙂

  4. C Monster says:

    Are you implying, sir, that there is foolerocity going on here, and that we are somehow furthering this foolaciousness?

    –Cadwalander, pull yourself out of that mud hole and fetch my riding crop so I may teach this yankee a lesson.

    Sorry, I just had an antebellum flashback to a previous incarnation. Must be the vapors.

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