Sean M. Marital Wisdom

“…nothing makes a guy say, “Hey, baby, I was wrong to have cheated on you. We should stay together forever,” like setting his junk on fire.”

Sean M.

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8 Responses to Sean M. Marital Wisdom

  1. C Monster says:

    Yep I read that this morning and thought it was possibly wootish. Confirmation from the master is always gratifying.

  2. Appalling that I’m laughing? I hope not.


  3. I know what you mean, Aggie. Terrible to have your junk BBQ’ed, but when you break your marriage vows (and you get caught 🙂 ), there must be a penalty! And the traditional penalty is to provide the main ingredient in a junk-roast supper in honor of the aggrieved party.

    CM – Eddiebear let fly the other day with a beaut. But I left it for others. Something about a fuckradish.

    • Well, to make sure y’all understand, I do NOT condone this at all. I didn’t condone Lorena Bobbitt, and I sure as hell don’t condone this shit.

      I am more of the “hurt-their-pride” type of gal 🙂

      • Of course, Agggie! I don’t believe for one minute that you would – you know – ACTUALLY condone that! Seriously, lady, I think that’s a given here.

        Neither would I – either way, with either gender, for any reason. I hope my treating it lightly did not offend you, Aggie.

        (Although some of the things Muslim men do to their women enrage me (white-hot, beyond measure) to the point I might honestly be willing to turn a blind eye and stand silent….)

      • Not at all, McGoo… It made me laugh hard enough to snort 😀

      • Lemur King says:

        Oh trust me, setting their junk on fire is going to hurt their pride plenty.

  4. C Monster says:

    McGoo, I think I block-quoted in that comments at DPUD before adding my usual Shock & Awe groveling.

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