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“Ruh-roh!” –  Scooby Doo in, like, at least every episode.

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Eddiebear Wisdom

“Newt, you fucking lost me when you sat on that couch with the Botox Queen and didn’t hit her with a pie.” — eddiebear at SOYLENT GREEN

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Finnish Eco-Psycho Wisdom

“When the lifeboat is full, those who hate life will try to load it with more people and sink the lot. Those who love and respect life will take the ship’s axe and sever the extra hands that cling to … Continue reading

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We Have Wood!

“If I were grading them I’d probably give them a… D?” – Woody, on the Democrats new logo –

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OK, moving right along…

“My goodness, ‘Goo. Do you realize that sometimes you post images that might be considered NSFW?” – Lemur King upon noticing that some A&A images might be considered NSFW

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Just sayin’.

Bill: If you release my brother to the government, and he does what they want, even if you fix him, he’s dead. I need time to convince him of that. Good news is, if you screw up you don’t have … Continue reading

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Levantine Wisdom

“There is a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased that line.” — Oscar Levant

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