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Office Wisdom…With Visual Aids

The second panel may contain the best insult I’ve ever heard…

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Television Wisdom

“Without Anderson Cooper, CNN’s next highest rated show is “Life of a Turkish Bathhouse Patron” (which incidentally features Anderson Cooper). So when Cooper’s ratings were released last week and were only minimally higher than “Big Bob, Vampire Slayer”, the muckity mucks … Continue reading

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On The Church of Carbon Come

“Superstitious religions survive for thousands of years, without any basis in fact. Believers will grasp at anything which fulfills their immediate psychological needs. You can’t win this battle intellectually. You just need to make sure that the people running governments … Continue reading

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An Ode To Skank Spam

All the Hos down in Ho-ville like autumn a lot; but Websense, who lived on the Proxy, did not. Websense hated all Hos, the whole Ho gestalt, No point asking why, it just told the Hos “HALT!” It could be … Continue reading

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Cinematic Wisdom…On All Movies

“When making feature films, the director is god. When making documentary films, God is the director.” — Alfred Hitchcock

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