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Moron Wisdom

If Barack Obama had a city, it would be Detroit. — Random Moron at FB.

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Mommy Wisdom

If I didn’t talk to myself, no one would listen. — Aggie, when Little One asked why she was muttering.

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Stoaty Wisdom

Thank you, Obama. If ever I falter, if ever I waiver, if ever I wonder what I’m doing down here in the ass-end of the internet drawing stuff on people’s faces and cracking dick jokes, I will remember this. I … Continue reading

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Physics Wisdom

  Can’t teach quantum mechanics without the ninjas. I know, I saw it tried once and it wasn’t pretty. –Veeshir QOTD, found here.

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Racism Wisdom

Hey [Eric] Holder, the race card is now a two of clubs. Roamy at The Hostages.  

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Deadpool Wisdom

“I don’t know much about hip-hop, but I know rappers with big mouths don’t live very long.” –Single White Alcoholic, on his picks for the H&B Deadpool.

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Annihilation Wisdom

“A bit of impersonal bloodlust never goes astray” Tiberius Alatheus, on wishing for Quaddafi’s death.

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Wordy Wisdom

“It’s less expensive than a shrink and faster than cheap vino.” —LeeAnn, on Blogging

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Philosophizing on Health

Napalm and white phosphorous can pretty much cure any disease. — Dick, Uncivil Peasants

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Imbibing Truisms

I look better when y’all are drunk! —                                             –Guy S., at Hookers and Booze

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On Learning…

I’m not on the tubes to embiggen knowledge… I’m racing to the bottom trying to make myself and everybody else dumber. — The Botnet

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Friar Wisdom

“If you’re in a group of ten or more people and you take a good look at everyone else and not a single one of them is a crazy fuck that you should keep a close eye on but rather … Continue reading

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A Reminder for Tuesday

“When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.” -Ronald Reagan

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Life Rules

If it doesn’t have your name on it, don’t fuck the food! Jonesy, Reno 911

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“Hoist on your own retard is kinda funny.” — Veeshir at doubleplusundead.

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