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Twainian Culinary Wisdom

“The way that the things were cooked was perhaps the main splendor.  For instance – the cornbread, the hot biscuits and the fried chicken; these things have never been properly cooked in the North.  In fact, no one there is … Continue reading

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Slublog Wisdom

“Consider this: Journalists in Soviet Russia had to be coerced into protecting the regime. Ours volunteer for the duty.” –Slublog

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Rourkian Wisdom

“Every once in a while you’ve gotta roll the potato.” -Mickey Rourke

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Presidential Wisdom

“If Barack Obama’s skin was any thinner, the top of his head would have a reservoir tip.” -Nick DiPaolo on Dennis Miller’s radio show

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Motivational Wisdom

I really ought to get off my ass and do something today. -Enas Yorl

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