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Someone recently told me they don’t eat peanut butter because the FDA permits it to legally contain a certain amount of insect parts. This person might not want to buy a can of Silkworm Pupas. The amount of bugs in … Continue reading

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Got Milk?

“The only thing weirder than me drinking breast milk, is the fact that milk is coming out of my wife’s chest in the first place. It sure as hell didn’t do that when I met her. I’m telling you, the … Continue reading

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“My philosophy is that if you want to efficiently get the nutrients out of leafy greens, eat a rabbit. Or a cow. They’ve already processed out the stuff your body doesn’t need.” – Rabid Alien over at Sithy Things Said … Continue reading

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Well Placed.

And let this always weight your feet down with lead, and make you go slowly, like a tired man, approaching the yes or no you do not grasp, since he is truly down there among the fools, who affirms or … Continue reading

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“I’m vilifying you for God’s sake – pay attention!” – Peter O’Toole The Lion in Winter

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“Ruh-roh!” –  Scooby Doo in, like, at least every episode.

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OK, moving right along…

“My goodness, ‘Goo. Do you realize that sometimes you post images that might be considered NSFW?” – Lemur King upon noticing that some A&A images might be considered NSFW

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