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DPUD Wisdom…

The stupidest thing you’ll read this weekend* I’m not even going to bother to quote anything from this column by Bruce Bartlett, which argues that Obama is actually…wait for it…wait for it…a conservative. Yes, really. Read the whole thing and try … Continue reading

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Friar Wisdom

“If you’re in a group of ten or more people and you take a good look at everyone else and not a single one of them is a crazy fuck that you should keep a close eye on but rather … Continue reading

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On The Church of Carbon Come

“Superstitious religions survive for thousands of years, without any basis in fact. Believers will grasp at anything which fulfills their immediate psychological needs. You can’t win this battle intellectually. You just need to make sure that the people running governments … Continue reading

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Finnish Eco-Psycho Wisdom

“When the lifeboat is full, those who hate life will try to load it with more people and sink the lot. Those who love and respect life will take the ship’s axe and sever the extra hands that cling to … Continue reading

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Levantine Wisdom

“There is a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased that line.” — Oscar Levant

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