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Physics Wisdom

  Can’t teach quantum mechanics without the ninjas. I know, I saw it tried once and it wasn’t pretty. –Veeshir QOTD, found here.

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AGW Monger Wisdom

“These guys (Climate Scientists) are so incompetent, they have to cheat to prove a circular argument.” — Soylent Green

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Thermageddon Jellyfish Wisdom

“Monbiot starts his latest Jeremiad by observing that there used to be a lot more fish in the sea, citing two impeccable scientific sources: himself and old people who remember how many more mackerel there used to be.” — Haunting the … Continue reading

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Motherfucking Science Wisdom

How Much Climate Change Is Due To Climate Change? Posted on June 26, 2011 by stevengoddard In order to determine the effects of climate change, we have to know how much the climate would have changed had it not been for … Continue reading

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Kiwi Climate Wisdom

Think of this as a car crash, NIWA’s says: the car’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with it; then — we can’t find the keys (actually we’ve lost the car); later — we weren’t driving it, and finally, “the car doesn’t … Continue reading

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AGW Wisdom

“There’s no way in the Seven Rings of Cthuhlu’s Spiral Sphincter™ they’ll be able to Hide The Decline™ under direct, hostile interrogatories and they KNOW it.” — BC, Imperial Torturer

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Government Wisdom — Yes, It Is An Oxymoron

“EPA was not and is not considering taking action on whether the lead content in hunting ammunition poses an undue threat to wildlife.” — from an EPA press release on its (shocking) denial of a request to ban lead bullets.

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