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Zsa Zsa’s Wisdom

“If Zsa Zsa Gabor gets well, she’ll be able to play a really kick-ass peg-leg pirate. Argh!” – Steamboat McGoo –

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Ecotard Wisdom

” Greensturbation – the practice of self-gratifying ones “Green urge” with someone elses money.” – Steamboat McGoo-

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Democrat Douche

“Fuck them. Fuck them all. Powerfuck them so hard next week, their assholes will be stretched so far and deep that as a result, they can fist themselves for the rest of their lives and not touch the sides.” — … Continue reading

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Social Wisdom

“A friend will help you move. A good friend will help you move the body.” -Unknown-

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Sean M. Marital Wisdom

“…nothing makes a guy say, “Hey, baby, I was wrong to have cheated on you. We should stay together forever,” like setting his junk on fire.” – Sean M. –

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Andy’s Wisdom

“Ya’ know, there is a reason that the windshield is big, and the rear view mirror is small.” – Andy –

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“I’m vilifying you for God’s sake – pay attention!” – Peter O’Toole The Lion in Winter

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“Ruh-roh!” –  Scooby Doo in, like, at least every episode.

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We Have Wood!

“If I were grading them I’d probably give them a… D?” – Woody, on the Democrats new logo –

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Religious Freedom

During these serious and trying times, people of all faiths should remember these four great religious truths: 1. Muslims do not recognize Jews as God’s chosen people. 2. Jews do not recognize Christ as the Messiah. 3. Protestants do not … Continue reading

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Pryor Art

“When you’re on fire people get out of your way!” – Richard Pryor –

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Devilish Wisdom

QUORUM, n. A sufficient number of members of a deliberative body to have their own way and their own way of having it. In the United States Senate a quorum consists of the chairman of the Committee on Finance and … Continue reading

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Gandalf Wisdom

“… I was talking aloud to myself. A habit of the old: they choose the wisest person present to speak to…” – Gandalf, Fellowship Of The Ring –

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Wicca Wisdom

“You can never have too many pictures of airplanes on your blog.” – Wiccapundit, at Curtal Friars –

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Because It Made McGoo’s Header

“I thought the History Channel blamed everything on atomic aliens from the future fucking Aztec and Egyptian temple skanks.” — C Monster

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Topical – So Smear It On.

“One man’s strip joint is the next man’s religion.” -Steamboat McGoo-

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Presidential Wisdom

“If Barack Obama’s skin was any thinner, the top of his head would have a reservoir tip.” -Nick DiPaolo on Dennis Miller’s radio show

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